1. Thanks for everything Sir Alex Ferguson

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    Ohhh shit 

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  4. woah


  5. Come on people. Lets make it happen. 


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  7. LOOOOOOOOOL whoever makes these, real talk, you are a certified legend!


  8. Males & females, take a look at this girl. Known as Josie Cunningham, she got a free boob job of the NHS because she had ‘emotional distress’ over her small chest (lol  that rhymes). She took herself from 32A to 32DD, with the surgery cost just short of £5000, OF TAX PAYERS MONEY. Meanwhile in this country people with conditions such as terminal cancer cannot get the treatment they need because of a lack of funding. This is why this so called ‘Great’ Britain pisses me off these days. Wanna tax more for the poor, protect the rich, leave the elderly with below standard health care and shut down valued community projects whilst cretins like this get some bigger tits because of ‘emotional distress’. 

    Love yourself for who you are no matter how big, small, tall or round you are & take into account that people have serious issues that require real attention from professionals.

    Don’t suck tax payers dry just so you can hopefully get on the front of a lads mag.  


  9. Like father like son. Bruce Lee & a young Brandon Lee.



  11. J spades ft DVS- What It Is. 

    Taken from More Money More Pagans (MMMP). Out now as a free download. 

    Easily two of the best UK rappers about right now. 


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    Some people would eat shit if it was made by Gucci..

    lool I know too many people that would


  14. Looks like Jak and Daxter Collection is coming to PS Vita. In case you didn’t know, the HD collection was released on ps3 back in February 2012. Gotta say, this is probably my favourite video game series ever. Sort of gives me a reason to buy a vita now. Still though, sony need to fix up and sort out a price reduction for it. 

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  15. Dunno why, but lately i’ve been too shy to talk to anyone new…. That shit needs to change.